GCL Season One

Season One...

How do i sign up?

If you're wanting to register your team please do so via the following methods which are available for each region

EU & SA - PayPal, when signing up via PayPal please set to currency to "£" sterling and send via family and friends to admin@gamersconnect.pro, if you are wanting to sign up for the South African league you can also choose this method too, instead of paying by Rand (PayPal doesn't offer this currency), please pay by "£" sterling, again the amount will be the same and convert to £12, amounts must be exact or payment will be declined.

SA - EFT, if you're wanting to sign up via EFT please send us a direct message via twitter to @GamersConnectHQ, where we will assist you in the sign up process.

Sign ups close: Sunday 7th May 2017

Double elimination bracket (determine pool play groups): Monday 8th - Sunday 14th May (1 week).

Pool Play:
EU, Monday 15th May - Sunday 4th June (3 weeks),(2 games per week, one week with 3 games).
SA, Monday 15th May - Sunday 28th May (2 weeks), (2 games one week, 3 games the next).

Double elimination bracket (playoffs):
EU, Monday 5th June - Sunday 11th June (1 week).
SA, Monday 29th May - Sunday 4th June (1 week).

League structure...

DOUBLE ELIMINATION BRACKET to determine pool play, this will take place over the course of a week.

T8 - Pool A
T16 - Pool B
T24 - Pool C
T32 - Pool D
T40 - Pool E
T48 - Pool F

T6 - Pool A
T12 - Pool B
T18 - Pool C
T24 - Pool D

POOL PLAY will then take the format of a round robin, where each team plays everyone else once. Here's how teams qualify for playoffs.

T6 from Pool A
T4 from Pool B
T2 from Pool c
T2 from Pool D
T2 from Pool E
T2 from Pool F

= 18 teams in playoffs

T4 from Pool A
T4 from Pool B
T2 from Pool C
T2 from Pool D

= 12 teams in Playoffs